Wholesale Bangles For All Occasions

So how it feels when you get the firm and rigid bracelets made of different materials and in stylish designs? We, at R CHIE CREATION exactly provide you the same. With an impeccable design and style, we design the bangles that can be teamed with any type of attire.

Whether it is all about wearing a sari and accessorizing it with the perfect gold set of bangles or any other traditional Indian dresses where the bangles coming in different stone patterns will be matched, we have the latest version of all your needs in the designated website.

Sectioning our collection in Antique Bangles, Kundan Bangles, Amerdiican amond Bangles or Western Bangles, we have become one of the top names as bangles manufacturers in India and also bangles wholesale India. Our expanding business is a sign of loyalty, satisfaction and love shared by our customers.

With this name, we have even reached far abroad where our designs and craftsmanship has been honed by the local people, thereby giving us a platform there for jewelry manufacturers USA and bangles wholesale UK.

Of the different types of products that we make, the gold plated bangles wholesale are immensely popular owing to its intrinsic design and uniquely made patterns. We have grown as a business so much in this zone that many of our products are in high demand in foreign countries.

Keeping in mind the growth and expansion of the business, we make sure to never compromise with our product quality and design structure, thus keeping the faith of our customers alive.

The beauty of bangles

Bangles are an absolute presentation of beauty. These look pretty on any woman's hands, especially on any special occasion. The appearance of a woman seems prettier with a choice of proper jewellery. R CHIE CREATION have a wide range of bangle collection from where you will find your pair easily. The silk thread bangles are getting much popularity of the gorgeous and colourful looks. The fancy bangles will instantly transform your look effortlessly. We will love to serve you both as wholesale jewellery seller and retailer to meet your requirements of bangle shopping.

The popularity of bangles

Bangles are one of the most favourite ornaments of many women. Nowadays, the trend of wearing bangle has started once again. The various types of bangle designs available in R CHIE CREATION can be matched with other jewellery. There are many sorts of bangles that women wear even with western dresses and party wear attires.

Bangles are the indispensable ornament of any newly married woman. Silk thread bangles are popular among young women nowadays. The brides of India also wear many kinds of gold bangles on the wedding day. So, we can say that bangle is a must wear jewellery to keep in your jewellery box. Here in R CHIE CREATION, you will be amazed to see the multiple bangle designs.

The categories of bangles we offer

R CHIE CREATION have a huge collection of all sorts of bangles including imitation gold bangles, meenakari bangles, thread bangles, fancy bangles and many more. The most popular collection of bangles that we sell comes in these categories:

  • American diamond
  • Antique
  • Indo western
  • Kundan
  • Polki

We sell designers' collection of imitation bangle also. We know the requirements of wearing bangles as most women love to wear it on every auspicious occasion. You can check the temple jewellery section where we offer bangles with emblems of Gods and Goddesses. The bangles of imitation jewellery collection are really attractive.

The Polki Bangles :-

Polki uncut kundan Bangles

metal Brass/Copper/Zink Alloy

Stone uncut Polki

size 2.2,2.4,2.6,2.8,2.10 on request 2.12

Polki is an uncut and unpolished diamond, used in its natural form without any physical or chemical treatment. Often retained in their original rough version, they have a non-faceted polished surface,

The golden-plated bangles

The gold bangles designs are traditional. These are perfectly designed for the bride's choices. The gold plated bracelets are available in various collections like Antique, Kundan and Temple jewellery. The gold bangles come in multiple patterns. The designer collection has a variety of customized designs that are available in gold-plated bangles. The beauty of the ornaments looks best when it is precisely designed. And R CHIE CREATION have a large group of expert jewelry designers who take the responsibility of making it.

The gold bangles designs are the best to pair with Antique jewellery, Kundan Jewellery and Temple Jewellery. Most of the women love to pair gold bangles with this jewelry. But you can also wear it with Indo Western jewellery sets. The gold bangle designs are easy to pair with the bridal necklace, earrings, Kada, tikka and other ornaments. Moreover, the body of the bangles is pretty sturdy, which is longlasting even after regular wear. The gold plated bangles look best when you wear with ethnic dresses like Kurta and Saree. Visit our website to know more details about gold plated bangles.

Fancy bangles designer wholesaler in Mumbai

We know that the choice of an aged woman and a young woman cannot be the same when it comes to jewellery shopping. The most important part about imitation jewellery shopping is to follow the recent trends. The bangles design is the central attraction while choosing jewelry. The site of R CHIE CREATION has an extensive collection of fancy bangles design. The gold bangles collection also have some fancy bangles which are appropriate for any occasion. We recreate and change the designs as per the changes in trends. So, you need not worry about finding a trendy pair of bangles while shopping with us!

Thread bangles

The trend of silk thread bangles is the popular vibe among young women now. These look colourful as well as gorgeous. The thread bangles designs are available on our website. The designs come with prices of each piece. The silk thread bangles images look the same as the original items. So, online shopping of such bangles is not much difficult nowadays. The actual product does not vary from the images. Because the pictures we upload are of high resolution to provide you with the best view of the product. Thread bangles of R CHIE CREATION are the best item for gifting. The bangles are pretty lightweight.

The versatility of the bangles

R CHIE CREATION have an extensive collection of the designer bangle in wholesale price. The designs and works on the bangles are handcrafted. The expert-based ideas have helped to create a beautiful collection of designer bangles. These are available in multiple plating like gold plating, silver plating, rhodium plating, and so on.

  • The openable bangles are convenient for use. And these are great to gift on any occasion. You need not worry about size and measurement before buying.
  • Meenakari bangles look great with gorgeous outfits. You can sport a glamorous wedding guest look with such gold plated bangles.
  • Moti bangles look very elegant and sleek. These are the best options pair with Moti jewellery. Women can wear it in their workplaces too.
  • Ghungroo bangles look great with trendy outfits. The designs consist of real ghungroo patterns. You must try it once to experience the beauty of it.
  • Gokhuroo bangles are smart-looking. A pair of such bangles are great for pairing with simple jewellery. You can gift these to near ones on any occasion. A floret like design surrounds the outer part of the bangle. And this looks like statement ornament.

Solitaire Bangles

If you want to grab some statement ornaments, Solitaire Bangles are the most preferred option. The elegance and simplicity of the designs of such bangles is the centre of attraction.

Peacock Bangles

We have a good collection of Peacock bangles. You must check the beautiful collection of the peacock patterns which make your overall look amazing. Some of the peacock bangles have similarities with Meenakari bangles.

Kalira wholesaler

Kalira is an auspicious ornament which has danglers attached to it. The danglers look like umbrellas. These are attached to the Chhoda of a bride. Kalira is also known as Kaleera or Kalire. We have multiple collections of Kalira.


Patla bangles are unique, elegant and gorgeous as well. These are one of the most popular bangles that are getting attention. Broad Patla bangles look good with wedding guests' attires or party dresses. These look fancy and attractive at the same time.

Temple bangles

Temple motifs look delicate yet subtle. The emblems and patterns of such bangles are worth purchasing. We have a wide range of Temple bangles. You can search the site for more details.


The polish and finishing of imitation jewellery can do wonder. We have various kinds of polishing and finishing methods that make jewelry, including bangles, look stunning. The expert jewellery makers of R CHIE CREATION provide a lot of effort to bring a flawless finish to all bangle designs. For each type of category of jewelry, we follow various types of finishing and polishing methods. Here are some instances from the bangle section:

Silver matte bangles

Silver matte bangles are trendy among the young generation. These multipurpose bangles fit with any sort of dresses, be it western or ethnic. It looks bold and beautiful. We have a pretty impressive collection of such bangles.

Matte rajwadi  bangles wholesaler

You will love to see the range of matte-finished bangles in the silver and gold plated section of bangles of R CHIE CREATION. These matte bangles are the best companion with any other matte finished ornaments. If you want a muted tone of silver or gold plating, your search ends here in this section.


The precision of work in jewellery making is an art. R CHIE CREATION believe in the perfection of the art. We have a large team of jewelry designers and experts who create amazing designs that are authentic and unique as well. The bangle designs of each category follow original patterns created by the jewellery experts.

Fine motifs and exquisite patterns on bangles

The fine works on the bangles look awesome. The motifs and the patterns we make are really precise. Such a fine detailing attracts the attention of people. The most important thing when it comes detailed motifs is the flawlessness.

Our jewellery experts pay a lot of effort to provide you with the best pair of flawless bangles. Be it gold bangle or antique or Kundan, we maintain our precision of work. The most valuable part of any jewelry is uniqueness. It grabs the eyes of people. We follow our created patterns only which you cannot see in the market or other jewelry stores.

The details of the primary categories of bangles

The primary categories of all types of bangles are of four types as we notified before. These categories are the most popular as well as the most attractive of all. Our jewellery experts spend a lot of time to curate such valuable jewellery of these categories. These are:

American Diamond CZ Bangle

American diamond CZ bangles are available in multiple patterns and plating. The gold plated bangles are the most popular among women. Rose gold plating is also gaining popularity with time. Generally, these bangles come in a pair. The most exceptional quality of the bangle looks best at any event. These are multipurpose. One can wear it from work to party all day long with any attire. The premium quality American diamonds glitter when the light reflects on it.


American diamond bangle is an easy-going ornament. You do not need to pay much attention to maintain such a beautiful pair. All you need to do is to wipe with a clean cloth to dust off the impurities. And avoid contact with harsh chemicals, sharp objects etc.

Antique bangle

The antique openable bangle is a popular piece of jewellery among young women. These bangles are available in gold and matte gold plating. Matte bangles are best to wear in the daytime for any occasion. If you do not like the unwanted glossiness of gold plated bangles, try matte-finished designs. The antique collection also has Mehendi plated designs.


We suggest using this jewellery delicately. And avoid sharp blows and perfume spray on jewellery to retain the plating. For longevity of the jewelry keep it in an airtight place. Bangles tend to get damaged as a result of rough handling.

Indo western bangle

The Indo Western patterns are the best option to wear anytime on any occasion. The bangles of these collections are of many designs. We have created these multipurpose designs so that you can carry with western to the ethnic look.


We suggest you wear such a pair of bangles with proper care. Otherwise, the designs might lose its charm. Clean it whenever you need to it.

Kundan Bangle

Kundan collection is one of the most purchased collection. You will be amazed to see the classic gold bangles which are easy to team with any jewellery. The collection also has matte bangles which look pretty on any event. The work and detailing of the beads and stones look attractive.


Apart from the normal care of jewellery care, we suggest you care for the beads and the stones. The delicate jewellery of Kundan collection is longlasting if properly maintained.

We sell bangles in 2 piece sets mainly. But you can also avail of one piece set, six-piece set and so on. The delicate bangles are popular among brides apart from peacock bangles and plain gold bangles.

Final words

R CHIE CREATION have a wide collection of all sorts of modern and traditional bangles. You will be able to find the gold plating, black rose plating, rose gold plating, black plating, matte rhodium plating and rhodium plating bangles on our site. The price is reasonable and best in the industry. The quality of all bangles is up to the mark. The after-sales service we offer is unparalleled. You can visit our site for wholesale or retail shopping. If you face any issue, we request you to contact our customer care section for a fast solution.