Borla in wholesale price

Borla or Rajsthani Bore Tikka

Borla is the most traditional wear in Rajasthani jewelry, its wear in top forhead. It wear on all traditoanl functions. Rajasthani borla is also known as Rajputi borla or marwadi bor, Generally, bor or borla wear on marriage ceremony or any family function.

There are many type of borla in size, metal, stones.


There are three size in borla. First - Big, Second - Midium (Regular) and Third - Small. Big borla is very popular in new days and most of people order regular borla for wedding and party. Small borla is order for kids or those people who are not confortable with big or regular size. 


At Beendani Store, we sell only artificial borla or imitation jewelry which are not made with gold, silver or any other precious metal. Our most of jewellery is made with alloyed copper, alloyed zinc or iron. 


There are many types of stones use in Rajputi borla for the front decoration. We do not use precious stones on borla, our most of borla is made with AD, Kundan and Indian PL stones. 


There are two popular color of polish on Rajwadi Borla, First- Golden and Second-Silver. We do not use original golden or silver plating. We use artificial HG plating or Micro Plating