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The different color shades or the platting and even the design or the various texture; for one stop solution to all your wants, you are exactly at the right place. We provide the haven for getting the best jewelry of all time.

We have been a reputed name in this ornament business and is constantly growing ever since. Here, we provide the latest chic designs keeping in mind the traditional aspects of things. Be it the jhumka or any stone crafted earrings, we have everything that you can ever ask for.

From the Indian traditional pieces to the western sophistication jewels, we have the versions of every earring that you cannot take your eye off from. Our commitment and quality is our pride and we ensure the best of everything.

Our business is not just limited to India, where we have already achieved the fame of being the leading earring manufacturers in India and earrings wholesaler in India. With the help of our dedicated team at work, we have also started providing fashion earrings wholesale in UK and even earrings wholesaler in USA to earrings wholesale UK.

Even in India we have maintained the latest trends and composed various designs which helped us in expanding our business in fashion earrings golden wholesale India. With this name, that we have achieved so far, we have and will try our best to keep the reputation alive and grow our business exponentially.

Our online store has the latest collections in every aspect of jewelleries and we are constantly upgrading it to provide you the best that we can

Earrings emphasise the beauty of a woman's face

The earring adores beautifully any woman's face. The most attractive jewellery any woman prefer to wear is earrings. R CHIE CREATION   have an extensive collection of earrings of all types. We sell wholesale and retail imitation jewellery, including earring. All sorts of modern and traditional jewellery are available here at reasonable rates.

We offer endless earrings design

R CHIE CREATION  have a large jewellery expert team who relentlessly work hard to create uncommon earrings designs. We create such artificial earrings online for a woman of any age group. The designs we have are attractive as well as wearable.

Antique earrings look great on brides. The old golden finish looks best with bridal outfits like lehenga and saree. The Indian earrings design are of many types. These are like:

  • Jhumka
  • Hoop earrings
  • Peacock earring
  • Chain earring
  • Stud
  • Danglers
  • Temple earrings
  • Chandbali earrings

There are other types of earrings apart from these. The most popular among these are golden earrings design. Most of the women prefer golden earrings design. These are multipurpose ear rings which are daily use option also. And golden earrings designs for daily use are preferably small jhumkas, stud and danglers. But newly married brides prefer wearing other artificial earrings like chandbali earrings ad hoop earrings.

Designer earrings

The designer earrings are made of premium quality products. We have a wide range of designer earrings like designer jhumkis, designer tops, designer classic earring, designer chand earring and other designer earrings. We have multiple plating options on such earrings. One can buy this artificial earring online easily from our store with simple steps. Designer earrings consist of the colourful stone collection also.

Fashion earrings

Buy fashion earrings online from our store to avoid a hassle-free shopping. These are perfect earrings for girls who love to pair matching jewellery with outfits daily. Fashion earrings online shopping will save your time of going to any store. Visit our site to explore various types of fashion earrings golden for women. We have danglers, hoop earrings, jhumka earrings, chandbali earrings and other artificial earrings in this category. We have created this section, especially for people who love oxidised earrings. These are trendy as well as fashionable. R CHIE CREATION  have an extensive section of beads earring, chunky earring, thread earrings and so on for keeping you up-to-date in jewelry fashion.

Traditional earrings

Traditional earring online shopping is easy now with R CHIE CREATION  online jewellery store. The traditional earring collection contains golden earrings design that is uniquely created by our experts. The golden jhumka designs are one of the most popular earrings artificial designs of our site. You can easily choose your preferred jhumka earrings online shopping from a vast collection. Jhumka earrings section also has silver jhumkas designs which are popular among young women.

The party wear earring collection is one of the show stoppers. And Meena Kundan earring is fashionable and popular among traditional bridal jewelry collection. So, it is much easier to buy earrings for women from traditional earring collection with simple steps. Goldenen plated earrings online collection is now at your doorstep. Apart from goldenen plating, there is Mehendi plating, rose golden plating, rhodium plating and silver plating, and so on.

Detailing of design

R CHIE CREATION  have experienced jewellery designers who produce unique designs of earrings. We create all the design on our own. So, the jewellery you buy from us is unique and attractive as well. We design antique earrings, designer earrings, chandbali earrings, golden earrings artificial design, and so on. Apart from these, we also create traditional earrings design for the bridal collection. The fashion earrings design include new trends that are in fashion. We search for the market review to understand the popularity and demand of the earrings design. This is how we improve our capability to reach customer's standards.

The precision of work is the primary attraction part of earrings designs. Suppose if you are buying a pair of silk thread earrings, you will find a detailed work of silk thread on it. The more detailing of work means the more beauty it has. Artificial earrings design tends to be full of stones, beads and other stuff. Chunky earring contains a lot of detailing of work to match the vibes of a stylish woman whereas Swarovski earring is all about the quality of stones and its placements. So, it is clear that the design of a pair of artificial earrings is dependent on the category where it lies.

Trendy earrings

Most of the young women prefer to buy trendy earrings for regular use. This trendy earrings collection consists of danglers which are golden plated, silver plated, rhodium plated or Mehendi plated. The dangler designs contain detail work of beads and stones. Some women do not like the glossiness of golden earring design. They prefer matte earring. We have matte earring collection in every section like Kundan, indo-western designer jewellery and antique collection.

Trendy earrings are the best option to gift on any occasion. Moreover, these are multipurpose earrings which can be teamed up with any outfit. The fusion earring is one of the most popular modern earring designs. These are nothing but a perfect collection combination of indo-western design.

Chain earring is a new trend that is going popular in the market. The popularity of chain earring has made it one of the essential bridal jewelry. The wedding guests can also wear chain earring to look gorgeous. The most interesting part of this type of earring is the chain comes separately sometimes so that you can attach it with any other earring.

The most popular designs of fashionable jewellery are available in R CHIE CREATION  . We offer the best prices in the industry for all earrings. The availability of collections is also impressive. You can visit our website to know more about the earrings in detail.

Shopping experience

Most of the valuable customers of our site have provided positive feedback after shopping. Most of them have declared that the quality of ear rings as per price we take is perfect. The after-sales service is also great. We consider our customers as a gateway to success. So, we value their queries and problems. You can always reach us by mail, call or postal address.

Payment method for online shopping is pretty easy in comparison to the competitor's site. We have a secured payment method for paying online while placing an order. You need not worry about the order once you place it. This is our responsibility to reach your doorstep. The most beautiful experience you will have with us is the smoothest shopping steps. The earrings artificial are one of the frequently bought products from us. Visit R CHIE CREATION  for more details.

The best of the earrings designs

Among all the earrings design, the best designs are here. R CHIE CREATION  have the most appropriate collection in our online store. But the most elegant and exquisite designs are must-have collection in respect of designs. The collection of the earrings contain these:

Fusion earrings

The most attractive part of fusion earring is this compliments your look in the best way. You can buy for your dear one to gift such earrings.

Earring with chain

Earring with chain has popularity in the market. Young women love to wear gorgeous ornaments like this.

Classic earrings

Classic earrings include various sorts of golden earrings apart from other types of categories. Golden earrings for daily use are one of the most purchased enamel earrings from R CHIE CREATION  .


Hoop earring a fashionable and trendy design. It will be the most elegant purchase for any young woman.

Kashmiri jhumki

The jhumka earrings online shopping are the popular ornaments to match with traditional ethnic jewelry. Golden and silver jhumkas are also popular.

Peacock earrings

Peacock earring is an elegant fashion to wear. You will be amazed to see the enchanting beauty of the designs.

The exquisite sets of necklace with earrings

The bridal sets of necklaces come with a pair of earrings. The most popular collection are antique earrings, jhumka earrings, hoop earrings, chain earrings and Meena Kundan earring. These exquisite sets are best for gifting also. You can also wear it at any party to add glam quotient to your look. After going through the site of R CHIE CREATION  , you will know that the best quality of earrings is available here only. Visit our website to know in details about earrings shopping. If you feel confused to match earrings with necklaces, our experts will help you.

The all you need to know about earrings shopping

The main categories of earrings that we offer are these:

  • American Diamond
  • Designer Jewellery
  • Antique
  • Indo Western
  • Kundan

American diamond category has subtle designs. American diamond collection the best for pairing with western dresses. You can wear with gorgeous ethnic party wear also. The exclusive quality of CZ stones is our showstoppers. Crystal earring can be accompanied with any attire because of the versatility of patterns. You need not match the colour of these artificial earrings with dress colours before wearing. The transparent stone colours look trendy with any outfit.

Among all of these designer earrings from the designer jewellery category is the best for wedding occasions and parties. You can mix and match designer earrings with another ornament from different sections. The designs are versatile. Moreover, the qualities of these earrings are best as per the market parameter.

Antique earrings are a classy choice for brides and wedding guests. The multiple plating options provide you with a wide range to choose from. Moreover, this collection has a different level of the aristocracy.

Indo western collections are always a safe choice to gift any women because the designs have a fusion of Indian and Western culture. So, this suits with any look you want to sport.

Kundan collection is a royal emblem of Indian jewellery tradition. Kundan earrings are the most prestigious designs to wear in big days. Moreover, this compliments your ethnic outfit!

Best earrings for girls

Girls prefer to wear sleek and simple earrings. The lightweight enamel earrings are the preferable ones in this case. Every collection of R CHIE CREATION  keeps a section for simple tops earrings for daily wear. The beautiful and elegant looking tops are preferred for younger girls. The kids who have done ear piercing recently can choose such tops and studs as these are easy to wear. Tops are fashion earrings too.

The colourful choices

The meenakari earring is a colourful choice for any women who love bright hues in ornaments. The Meena earring has traditional vibes in it. It goes best with any traditional outfit. The Meena Kundan earring is a type of meenakari earring with a touch of Kundan work in it. This one is made of beads and stones in multiple colours.

Thread earrings come in multiple colour options. The 'Resham' work looks elegant and classy. These are available in dangler mostly. But you can also opt for tops. Silk thread jhumkas designs are also popular nowadays. Thread earrings are the best to pair with other fusion jewellery.

We have colourful choices of earrings in these colours:

  • Brown
  • White
  • Lightbluered
  • Turqoisepeach
  • Redaqua
  • Maroon

All the designs have high availability of products, including earrings. The artificial earrings of the R CHIE CREATION  are the popular ones in the jewellery industry.

The finishing of work

The detailing and finishing off work on earrings are flawless. We believe in producing artistic creation to impress our customers. The precision of patterns is mainly handcrafted. The professionalism of our jewellery experts makes it sure that the quality of the product is double-checked.

The final note on R CHIE CREATION  earrings

 The all in one destination for artificial earrings online shopping is easy now. We have some simple steps to pay securely. R CHIE CREATION  care for the customers' issues. And we try to fix a solution to your problem as soon as possible. The aftersales service is also the best in the industry. All you need to do is to select your choice of earrings from our site. We would love to suggest you have a look at our website for earrings shopping.